Posted on February 16th 2017 by Tom Baker

Carey Street Installation

We complete an Eco Anti Vandal Setup almost 15 months in the making!

Another classic example of how tight for space construction in Greater London can be, Multiplex Global had plans to construct on almost their entire plot. The only space left to utilise was a small strip of pavement along Carey Street, not a lot for such a massive operation! Our best bet was fourteen of our high spec, B-Rated "Eco" Accommodation, stacked three high along the road side overseeing site.

To make matters even trickier we had to manage the design, construction and installation of a low level gantry to position our cabins over two substations, positioned on the footpath. The end result looks quite impressive, especially given that we were able to complete the whole installation using our state-of-the-art Fassi 820 HIAB.