Posted on January 20th 2021 by Tom Baker

Company Announcement - Transaction Completion

Confirmation of the transaction of ownership of Carter Accommodation Ltd

We are happy to announce that on Tuesday 19th January 2021 Carter Accommodation Ltd successfully completed a transaction that transferred the full ownership of the Business from Connection Capital Ltd to the Modulaire Group, a worldwide leader in the leasing of temporary modular space operating throughout Europe and Asia Pacific. This transaction will enable Carter Accommodation Ltd to enter the next exciting chapter in its 33-year history and it will operate alongside other successful and longstanding companies within the Modulaire Group such as Elliott and Advanté.

The intention is for Carter Accommodation Ltd to continue with business as usual in all areas for the foreseeable future and look to invest on all fronts allowing the development and growth that has always been the plan for the Business. The transaction offers stability and longevity to all our existing clients as well as great opportunities for new potential customers to experience the reputation of product and service excellence that has escalated Carter Accommodation Ltd to where it is today. We are extremely excited to be working alongside the Elliott Group and use the commercial strength and industry experience now available that can only benefit the shared client base across the whole of the U.K. An exposure to a wider range of products with the usual service excellence which, we assure you, is top of the agenda across the new group formation and sits only alongside the essential Health and Safety standards joint objective, that can only be good news for the whole customer base.

Our Directors and the Modulaire Team, have been working extremely hard on completing this transaction for more than six months and are confident that this feels very much like the right fit for all. We are very excited about the future and would ask all the client base across the new formed group to appreciate and share that excitement with us.

If any client has any concerns or questions that they would like to bring forward then they are welcome to, in the first instance, communicate these through their Account Manager. Otherwise, we would also ask our key account clients and Framework Partners to raise any issues at the regular reviews that are held across the calendar month and we will of course try to satisfy all concerns as soon as is possible.

About Modulaire Group

Modulaire Group is the world’s leading business services company specialising in modular space. We create smart spaces for people to live, work and learn. Their business is designed to help customers find the right space solution, no matter what their requirements. Modulaire Group has operations in 25 countries with approximately 250,000 modular space and portable storage units and 3,400 remote accommodations rooms. The company operates as Algeco in Europe and Scandinavia, Elliott, and Advanté in the United Kingdom, BUKO Huisvesting, BUKO Bouw & Winkels and BUKO Bouwsystemen in The Netherlands, Ausco in Australia, Portacom in New Zealand, and Algeco Chengdong in China.