Posted on June 30th 2019 by Tom Baker

Complex Warehouse Install Completed

We installed some of our flagship CTX Modular product into an existing warehouse structure.

We were approached by a client responsible for delivery of a ten-year tunneling scheme to support them in setting up a new hub for their enabling phase. The initial three year project was to test and analysis over a million core samples taken from around the local area, ready for the tunnel itself to start construction in 2022.

The client rented an existing warehouse facility on a nearby industrial estate and were planning to save money on extensive alterations to this by installing our cabins inside the shelter to suit their layout needs.

Fortunately our CTX modules are compact and light, meaning we were able to off load the delivery vehicles outside of the structure and carry the modules inside using telehandler. We were even able to double stack the cabins and erect a gantry walkway for access, all in the interest of maximising the space our client had left in the warehouse to utilise.