Posted on July 11th 2018 by Tom Baker

FORS Gold Standard Achieved

We are proud to confirm the upgrade of our FORS accreditation to Gold status.

In 2016 we announced on this page that we had successfully upgraded our FORS accreditation from Bronze to Silver - two years on and we are proud to confirm that we have now successfully upgraded to Gold standard, the highest status with in the scheme.

The Gold standard is mostly held by specialist transport companies and due to the amount of vehicle upgrades and monitoring systems required it is rarely achieved outside of the haulage industry.

The Gold standard encompasses all of the company's fleet and not just the HGVs, and in order to complete the accreditation our whole team were sent to various cities across East Anglia to complete a Cycling Awareness course. This serves to increase the whole fleet's awareness of cyclists not just in London but across the UK's major cities, and involved the team spending four hours in the saddle to experience the roads from a cyclist's perspective.

Well done once again to Transport Manager Tim Lee and his team on the massive achievement.