Eco Anti Vandal

Carter Accommodation have long been the leader in the Portable Accommodation Industry when it comes to the research and development of the ever popular "Eco" Hire Fleet.

Eco Features

Our aim is to provide the highest quality product whilst maintaining the lowest carbon footprint possible. Namely, our product includes:

  • Increased thermal performance to walls, roof, floors, windows & doors.
  • Recycled glass insulation.
  • U-PVC double glazed low E glass windows with tilt/turn mechanism.
  • Fully insulated door and window shutter cavity.
  • Automatic door closures.
  • Thermostat and timer controlled panel heaters.
  • Waterless urinals.
  • P.I.R. high frequency / L.E.D. lighting.
  • Water and electric meters to assist client in monitoring energy use.
  • Low energy hand driers.
  • Dual flush toilet cistern.
  • In line instantaneous water heaters.
  • BRE Approved floor covering (BRE global rating A+).
  • Ventaxia HR100w/WH Heat Recovery Ventilation units.
  • "Fireline" plasterboard.

These features mean all our Eco rated product achieves a minimum B rated EPC certificate. We can now also offer A rated units as accommodation solutions on long term projects.

Flexible, Durable Product

Just like our Anti Vandal product, our Ecos can be used for a variety of applications, including offices, canteens, drying rooms and toilet/shower blocks. All can be supplied in your own corporate livery and with a range of accessories including effluent tanks, access steps, staircases, links and furniture.

Carter Accommodation - Unit Overview 2016
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Installation Friendly

We appreciate that from a construction point of view cities like London become denser every year, making provision of accommodation on city projects more and more of a challenge. Thankfully our experienced Installations Team can be on hand to help and have successfully installed these units in the most difficult to reach spaces, ranging from gantries 10m above the bustling streets through to sites confined by underground car parks!

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Install anywhere!
Install anywhere!
Highly energy efficient
Highly energy efficient
Triple storey now available!
Triple storey now available!
High quality, professional finish
High quality, professional finish